The Street

Berlin's famous avenue Unter den Linden was initially a riding path which led from the Berlin Castle into the Tiergarten. Today it reaches the centre of Berlin, bordered by linden trees (lat. tilia).

Your partner in energy, water and environment

Tilia is the partner of cities, communities, public and private utilities, industrial businesses and co-investors, who seek to develop new projects, make new investments, improve their operations, redefine their strategy and manage increasingly complex challenges in the fields of energy, water and environmental services.

The model created by Tilia is flexible; it can range from consulting and project management support to jointly realized projects eventually leading to joint investments.

We cover all topics related to strategy, governance, operational optimization and development of new investments.

Our model is always based on a strong commitment to our customers, enabling them to achieve jointly defined concrete objectives.

Founded in 2009, based on an international experience and a common vision of the future of utilities and public services. Tilia, today counts more than 100 contractual references in ten countries.


The European Commission (Directorate General, Joint Policy Center) choses Tilia to lead a European survey on district heating and cooling grids and markets, and their contribution to efficient energy transition policies

As the energy transition focuses on holistic energy efficiency policies at the local level, more attention is paid to the various advantages of efficient district and heating and cooling networks. They appear, in many respects, as a potential backbone of coherent local strategies, mainly due to the fact that they enable local authorities to combine a variety of energy efficiency and decarbonisation leverages, whilst providing efficient services to end users. At one end, they can be supplied by a variety of local renewable energies, ranging from various biomass fuels to geothermy, but also including biogas from waste or sludge, often through cogeneration, and other potential sources. At the other end, they are closely linked to efficiency policies in buildings, both as regards new construction and renewals. They also provide numerous possibilities for energy recycling and exchanges, and will be increasingly connected with electricity and gas grids, thus gradually enabling real time arbitration between multiple energy sources to supply specific local needs, and helping manage the costs and technical challenges of the instability linked to the increased share of renewables injection in electricity grids.


decon international has been a subsidiary of Tilia since 2016.

Decon international provides an extensive package of engineering and advisory services worldwide. It supports projects in the fields of energy, energy efficiency, water, waste water, and smart cities. Decon has successfully realized hundreds of projects in more than 140 countries over the last few decades.

Our name

Tilia is the Latin name for the linden tree, a tree with a sound root structure, a sturdy trunk and solid branches. It is a tree which grows and flourishes consistently as long as it's properly planted and taken care of.


Open to new Thinking.

Christophe Hug: "To meet the challenges of the future, we have to find new models for working together. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch to learn more about a Dynamic Partnership with Tilia!"
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Shared Responsibility.

Vincent Aumaitre: "Tilia shares targets and responsibilities with its clients through the Tilia partnership."
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