The Symbol

The linden (lat. tilia) is a tree which surfaces in a number of songs and poems. In addition, it is frequently incorporated into family and place names as well as coats of arms.

A new form of partnership

With extensive experience in the energy, water and environmental business, as well as in consulting, Tilia’s founders realized that what matters the most is to get actual and measurable results.

Some of our clients have been looking for a partner willing to commit and taking responsibility during implementation. We've developed and refined this approach and proposed it in our “operational partnership” model.

Although we are involved into more conventional projects, the “operational partnership” and the commitment to support our client’s achievements in a measurable and sustainable way has become our trademark and a distinctive way of working.

The type of partnership is chosen by the client, based on his objectives, the kind of support he needs, and the level of risk he wants to share with us.

We then define the project goals and the client’s expectations, specific constraints and expected results.

We then set up the project team and governance and provide support to internal communication.

The first phase generally consists in a comprehensive assessment.


PHASE 1: Comprehensive assessment

  • Joint definition of the project scope and shared goals
  • Fact-based in-depth analysis and development of solutions involving client teams and critical stakeholders
  • Prepare and agree on detailed business cases highlighting the potential impact
  • Development of a prioritized roadmap and actionable implementation plan

In the second phase, we support your team with the implementation of the initiatives identified during phase 1.

PHASE 2: Implementation

  • Continuous support with the execution of the implementation plan
  • Performance measurement, risk management and regular progress reviews
  • Empowerment and capability building of our client is at the center of our approach

The compensation model allows a strong alignment of interests between Tilia and its clients:

  • Our compensation can be based on the project achievements
  • In some cases where we act as a co-investor we share project risks and successes


Open to new Ideas.

Thomas Lenke: "To meet the challenges of the future, we need new models of cooperation. We offer our Dynamic Partnership for it."
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Working as a Team.

Frank Fritsch: "After the initial assessment phase, we jointly define concrete targets. They become the guidelines of our cooperation."
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