The Safeguard

“Germans and Slavs have traditionally considered the linden (lat. tilia) to be a holy tree. Germanic Sagas hold that lightning will not dare strike a linden because it was dedicated to Freya, wife of Wotan, father of gods.”

Innovation as an enabler of sustainable change

To help businesses in their efforts to leverage innovation and prepare themselves for the future, we have developed innovative solutions and tools.

These developments draw upon the know-how and years of experience accrued by our team members.

We support the development of the most appropriate solutions to our client’s problems and challenges.

We work in close cooperation with a network of universities, research institutions as well as innovative and knowledgeable partner companies.

Tilia always stay independent from any particular technology or solution. Our approach is focused on our client’s specifications and particular constraints.

An example of innovative support activities is the foundation of Tilia Solutions in 2012. This daughter company is specialized in energy efficiency improvement. It is responsible - depending on our client’s needs - for conceptual design, planning, financing, implementation and verification of the success of energy saving measures.


Beside the subject of energy efficiency, the company also dedicates itself to renewable energies, the coordination of activities for the elaboration of energy concepts and environmental policies as well as the successful marketing of innovative services and products.

We endeavor to advance the growth of our own products with fast, far-reaching and inspiring innovations. Comprehensive research and development activities and in-depth knowledge of existing market requirements enable the development of new products, using which we are able to consider changes promptly and inspire our clients in the long term.

We have developed and broadly used a KPI online reporting tool.

Performance management and progress tracking is key to implement real change. Our integrated reporting system helps our clients with clear display of achievements against pre-defined targets.

This tool sets the base for performance dialogues at operation management and supervisor level, helping our clients foster a culture of performance.



Open to new Thinking.

Christophe Hug: "To meet the challenges of the future, we have to find new models for working together. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch to learn more about a Dynamic Partnership with Tilia!"
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Knowledge Development.

Jana Müller: "What I particularly appreciate about Tilia, are the chances given by regular training and personalized capability development plans."
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