The Honey

Linden blossoms (lat. tilia) spread a sweet scent and produce copious nectar. Bees create the much-loved linden blossom honey. This honey has a fruity note and stimulates the appetite.

Our model is built on core values

Shared value creation

  • Concrete, measurable results for all stakeholders
  • Ability to cover the whole value chain
  • Search for long term sustainable solutions


  • Tilia belongs to its management and is independent
  • Financial transparency among partners
  • Independent approach in the search for the best solutions


  • Commitment to clients/partners' expectations
  • Teaming up in an open, collaborative and supportive way
  • Embracing innovation and aiming at excellence

Together, let's prepare tomorrow's future. To ensure Tilia's sustainable management, we commit our-selves to apply daily our core values 1. Commuting To manage sustainably our commutes, we commit ourselves to: - Prefer clean urban transportation systems like walking, biking and common transportation with a low environmental footprint - Restrict trips by privileging videoconferencing - For inter-city trips, prefer the train or if the use of the car is unavoidable, prefer car-pooling - Regroup missions requiring air-travelling, and compensate the CO2 emissions emitted 2. At the office To save the use of energetic and natural resources, we commit ourselves to: - Reduce, select, reuse and recycle the office's waste: - Use of reusable dishware - Selective waste collection (bottles, capsules) - Master and limit our energetic expenses : - Switch off the electronic devices if their utilization is not necessary - Moderated heating and cooling - Save paper: - Digital management of folders - Use of draft paper boxes - Optimization of printings (page layout, set ups) - Manage sustainably the furniture : - Purchase of environmental friendly furniture - Responsible management of the material end of cycle 3. Consuming To take the environment into account in our daily consummation, we commit ourselves to: - Prefer the purchase of local and seasonal products - Acquire a maximum of products coming from the organic agriculture - Prefer the products with less packaging 4. Transmit our values During our meetings with our clients and external actors, we commit ourselves to share our values.


Open to new Thinking.

Christophe Hug: "To meet the challenges of the future, we have to find new models for working together. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch to learn more about a Dynamic Partnership with Tilia!"
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Value Creation.

Vincent Rullet: "Transparency, from the estimate of new ideas potential down to the thourough measurement of their impact, allow to create sustainable value for our clients."
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