The Fairy Tale

Philemon and Baucis offer shelter to the gods Zeus and Hermes, who allowed them to stay there together for eternity. Philemon becomes an oak tree, Baucis a linden (lat. tilia).

Knowledge and experience

Tilia was founded in 2009, by people with broad international experience and a common vision of the future of utilities and public services.

We help public, national or local institutions, communities, municipalities and other public services and industrial companies achieving concrete progress in the fields of energy, environment, water, waste and other essential services, while improving efficiency, increasing competitiveness and get set for the future.

Our clients benefit from our strong operational experience, an independent perspective and a range of strategic, technical, financial and legal expertise.

We strengthen our clients' capabilities and enable them to achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Our subsidiaries

alles klar, founded in 2009, is specialized in solutions for decentralized wastewater systems. KLÄRCHEN® is a practical decentralized clean solution working without electricity.

Tilia Solutions, founded in 2012, is dedicated to energy efficiency solutions for industrial clients.

Tilia Effizienz, was founded in 2015 for the development of energy efficiency solutions independent of manufacturer influences. 

Decon international has been a subsidiary of Tilia since 2016. Decon internaional provides an extensive package of engineering and advisory services worldwide. 


Comprehensive Changes.

Cyril Roger Lacan: "Our work is characterised by entrepreneurial and holistic thinking with the ability for implementation."
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Team Players welcome!

Alexander Redeker: "Looking for a new career challenge? Send us your application!."
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