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Tilia is a services, co-development and consulting firm founded in 2009 by a Franco-German group of managers with broad international experience and a common vision of environmental challenges, both in public utilities and services, and in industrial activities. Our group now has more than 500 contractual references and is active in 20 countries, employing a team of over 100 people, and mobilising a broader circle of experts.

Our work is based on partnerships with our clients to develop innovative infrastructure and services, and to enhance the operational and environmental performance of communities, utilities and industries.


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Our models range from project management and consulting to joint realisation and co-investment in jointly designed projects. They are always aiming at implementing change and achieving concrete, measurable results.

Our clients benefit from our independent perspective, our strong operational experience, and a wide range of strategic, technical, financial and legal expertise. We strengthen our clients' capabilities and enable them to achieve their goals in a sustainable way.